(225 ILCS 732/1-60)
    Sec. 1-60. High volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing permit; denial, suspension, or revocation.
    (a) The Department may suspend, revoke, or refuse to issue a high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing permit under this Act for one or more of the following causes:
        (1) providing incorrect, misleading, incomplete, or
materially untrue information in a permit application or any document required to be filed with the Department;
        (2) violating any condition of the permit;
        (3) violating any provision of or any regulation
adopted under this Act or the Illinois Oil and Gas Act;
        (4) using fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest
practices, or demonstrating incompetence, untrustworthiness, or financial irresponsibility in the conduct of business in this State or elsewhere;
        (5) having a high volume horizontal hydraulic
fracturing permit, or its equivalent, revoked in any other state, province, district, or territory for incurring a material or major violation or using fraudulent or dishonest practices; or
        (6) an emergency condition exists under which conduct
of the high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing operations would pose a significant hazard to public health, aquatic life, wildlife, or the environment.
    (b) In every case in which a permit is suspended or revoked, the Department shall serve notice of its action, including a statement of the reasons for the action, either personally or by certified mail, receipt return requested, to the permittee.
    (c) The order of suspension or revocation of a permit shall take effect upon issuance of the order. The permittee may request, in writing, within 30 days after the date of receiving the notice, a hearing. Except as provided under subsection (d) of this Section, in the event a hearing is requested, the order shall remain in effect until a final order is entered pursuant to the hearing.
    (d) The order of suspension or revocation of a permit may be stayed if requested by the permittee and evidence is submitted demonstrating that there is no significant threat to the public health, aquatic life, wildlife, or the environment if the operation is allowed to continue.
    (e) The hearing shall be held at a time and place designated by the Department. The Director of the Department or any administrative law judge designated by him or her has the power to administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance, take evidence, and require the production of books, papers, correspondence, and other records or information that he or she considers relevant or material.
    (f) The costs of the administrative hearing shall be set by rule and shall be borne by the permittee.
    (g) The Department's decision to suspend or revoke a high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing permit is subject to judicial review under the Administrative Review Law.
(Source: P.A. 98-22, eff. 6-17-13; 98-756, eff. 7-16-14.)