(225 ILCS 732/1-105)
    Sec. 1-105. Violations, complaints, and notice; website. The Department shall maintain a detailed database that is readily accessible to the public on the Department's website. The database shall show each violation found by the Department regarding high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing operations and the associated well owners, operators, and subcontractors. When the Department determines that any person has violated this Act, the Department shall provide notice by U.S. Postal Service certified mail, return receipt requested, of the Department's determination to all persons required to receive specific public notice under Section 1-40 of this Act within 7 calendar days after the determination. The Department shall also post the notice on the Department's website. The notice shall include a detailed, plain language description of the violation and a detailed, plain language description of all known risks to public health, life, property, aquatic life, and wildlife resulting from the violation.
(Source: P.A. 98-22, eff. 6-17-13.)