(225 ILCS 454/5-28)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)
    Sec. 5-28. Requirements for licensure as a managing broker.
    (a) Every applicant for licensure as a managing broker must meet the following qualifications:
        (1) be at least 21 years of age;
        (2) be of good moral character;
        (3) have been licensed at least 2 out of the
preceding 3 years as a broker;
        (4) successfully complete a 4-year course of study in
high school or secondary school approved by the Illinois State Board of Education or an equivalent course of study as determined by an examination conducted by the Illinois State Board of Education, which shall be verified under oath by the applicant;
        (5) provide satisfactory evidence of having completed
at least 165 hours, 120 of which shall be those hours required pre and post-licensure to obtain a broker's license, and 45 additional hours completed within the year immediately preceding the filing of an application for a managing broker's license, which hours shall focus on brokerage administration and management and leasing agent management and include at least 15 hours in the classroom or by live, interactive webinar or online distance education courses;
        (6) personally take and pass a written examination
authorized by the Department; and
        (7) present a valid application for issuance of a
license accompanied by a sponsor card, an appointment as a managing broker, and the fees specified by rule.
    (b) The requirements specified in item (5) of subsection (a) of this Section do not apply to applicants who are currently admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Illinois and are currently in active standing.
    (c) No applicant shall act as a managing broker for more than 90 days after an appointment as a managing broker has been filed with the Department without obtaining a managing broker's license.
(Source: P.A. 99-227, eff. 8-3-15; 100-188, eff. 1-1-18.)