(225 ILCS 440/9) (from Ch. 121, par. 509)
    Sec. 9. In order to obtain compliance with this Act, the Department may after July 1, 1973 acquire property and other rights by purchase, gift, condemnation or otherwise. Just compensation shall be paid for the removal of signs lawfully erected or lawfully in existence but not permitted to be maintained under this Act. Just compensation shall include payment for the taking from the owner of any sign required to be removed under this Act of all right, title, leasehold and interest in such sign and for the taking from the owner of the real property on which the sign is located of the right to erect and maintain such sign. Nor does anything in this Section require payment of compensation for the right to erect and maintain signs to owners of real property on which no signs are located. Nothing in this Act requires the Department to proceed to acquire property or other rights, including signs, until federal funds to reimburse the State for not less than 75% of the cost of acquisition of property or other rights for which a federal share is payable are appropriated and allocated to the State for that purpose.
(Source: P.A. 77-1815.)