(225 ILCS 435/21) (from Ch. 121, par. 721)
    Sec. 21. Whoever, not being licensed to maintain a ferry, or authorized by law so to do, shall run any boat or other craft for the purpose of conveying passengers across any river or other water course, within three miles of any ferry which now is or hereafter shall be established, pursuant to this act, except as hereinafter allowed, shall forfeit such boat or craft to the owner of such ferry, and shall also forfeit to the owner of such ferry $15 for each person who may be thus unlawfully conveyed across such water course: Provided, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any person from crossing any stream or water course over which any such ferry shall be established as aforesaid, in his own boat or other craft, on his own business, or to take in and cross his neighbors, where the same is done without fee and not with intention to injure any ferryman near, or to cross any person or property without fee, when the ferry is not in actual operation or in sufficient repair to afford a safe and speedy passage to persons and property.
(Source: R.S. 1874, p. 530.)