(225 ILCS 45/7.2)
    Sec. 7.2. Investigation of unlawful practices. If it appears to the Comptroller that a person has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in any practice in violation of this Act, the Comptroller may:
        (1) require that person to file on such terms as the
Comptroller prescribes a statement or report in writing, under oath or otherwise, containing all information the Comptroller may consider necessary to ascertain whether a licensee is in compliance with this Act, or whether an unlicensed person is engaging in activities for which a license is required;
        (2) examine under oath any person in connection with
the books and records pertaining to or having an impact upon trust funds, insurance policies, or tax deferred annuities required or allowed to be maintained pursuant to this Act;
        (3) examine any books and records of the licensee,
trustee, or investment advisor that the Comptroller may consider necessary to ascertain compliance with this Act; and
        (4) require the production of a copy of any record,
book, document, account, or paper that is produced in accordance with this Act and retain it in his or her possession until the completion of all proceedings in connection with which it is produced.
(Source: P.A. 92-419, eff. 1-1-02.)