(225 ILCS 45/1) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 73.101)
    Sec. 1. Payment under pre-need contract. Except as otherwise provided in this Section, all sales proceeds paid to any person, partnership, association or corporation with respect to merchandise or services covered by this Act, upon any agreement or contract, or any series or combination of agreements or contracts, which has for a purpose the furnishing or performance of funeral services, or the furnishing or delivery of any personal property, merchandise, or services of any nature in connection with the final disposition of a dead human body, including, but not limited to, outer burial containers, urns, combination casket-vault units, caskets and clothing, for future use at a time determinable by the death of the person or persons whose body or bodies are to be so disposed of, shall be held to be trust funds, and shall be placed in trust in accordance with Sections 1b and 2, or shall be used to purchase life insurance or annuities in accordance with Section 2a. The person, partnership, association or corporation receiving said payments under a pre-need contract is hereby declared to be a trustee thereof until deposits of funds are made in accordance with Section 1b or 2a of this Act.
    Nothing in this Act shall be construed to prohibit the inclusion of outer burial containers in sales contracts under the Illinois Pre-Need Cemetery Sales Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-879, eff. 2-2-10.)