(220 ILCS 55/4) (from Ch. 134, par. 4)
    Sec. 4. No such company shall have the right to erect any poles, posts, piers, abutments, wires or other fixtures of their lines along or upon any public ground outside the corporate limits of a city, town or village, without the consent of the county board of the county in which such public ground is situated, nor upon any public ground within any incorporated city, town or village, without the consent of the corporate authorities of such city, town or village. The consent herein required must be in writing, and shall be recorded in the recorder's office of the county. And such county board, or the city council, or board of trustees of such city, town or village, as the case may be, shall have power to direct any alteration in the location or erection of any such poles, posts, piers or abutments, and also in the height of the wires, having first given the company or its agent opportunity to be heard in regard to such alteration.
    The right of any such company to erect such structures, wires or fixtures within the right of way of any public highway is subject to the provisions of Section 9-113 of the "Illinois Highway Code" as the same may from time to time be amended.
(Source: Laws 1959, p. 187.)