(220 ILCS 5/7-204A) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 7-204A)
    Sec. 7-204A. (a) No Illinois public utility may reorganize as defined in Section 7-204 until the Commission has approved the application therefor. The application for approval of reorganization must at a minimum include the following information:
    (1) The names and corporate relationships of all companies which are affiliated interests of the public utility on the date the public utility applies for reorganization and the name of any parent or subsidiary corporation of the public utility;
    (2) A description of how the public utility plans to reorganize, including, if available at the time of application:
    (i) copies of the organizational documents associated with the reorganization, including articles of incorporation or amendments to the articles of incorporation of all companies including the public utility and any affiliated interests;
    (ii) copies of any filings, including securities filings, related to the reorganization made with any agency of this State or the federal government;
    (3) The costs and fees attributable to the reorganization;
    (4) The method by which management, personnel, property, income, losses, costs and expenses will be allocated between the public utility and any affiliated interest;
    (5) A copy of any proposed agreement between the public utility and any person with which it will be an affiliated interest at the time of the application for reorganization; the application for reorganization shall be amended to provide the Commission with any proposed agreement up until the time the reorganization is approved;
    (6) An identification of all public utility assets or information in existence, such as customer lists, which the applicant plans to transfer to or permit an affiliated interest to use, which identification shall include a description of the proposed terms and conditions under which the assets or information will be transferred or used; and
    (7) A copy of a forecast showing the capital requirements of the public utility at the time of the proposed reorganization. The forecast shall include for each public utility on an annual basis for 5 years following the year of application:
    (i) projected capital requirements;
    (ii) sources of capital;
    (iii) the range of the projected capital structure; and
    (iv) the assumptions underlying the information included in the forecast.
    (b) No public utility may permit the use of any public utility employee's services by any affiliated interest except by contract or arrangement. No public utility may sell, lease, transfer to or exchange with any affiliated interest any property except by contract or arrangement. The contract or arrangement herein is subject to Commission review at the discretion of the Commission, in the same manner as it may review any other public utility and its affiliated interest.
    This Section 7-204A shall not apply to any telecommunications carrier regulated pursuant to Article XIII of this Act or to any public utility which became a subsidiary of another corporation prior to the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1989. However, this amendatory Act of 1989 may not be deemed to diminish the Commission's control and regulation over any public utility.
(Source: P.A. 86-218.)