(220 ILCS 5/3-125)
    Sec. 3-125. Final capitalized plant cost. "Final capitalized plant cost" means the total capitalized asset cost of the plant of the clean coal SNG facility as reflected on the balance sheet of the facility at the time of the commercial production date, with such capitalized cost to be accrued in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and includes, without limitation, the following items: major equipment, the SNG pipeline from the plant to the receiving pipeline, water lines, railroad improvements, access road improvements, all coal transportation assets, including the slurry line, slurry prep plant, carbon dioxide capture metering and compression, licensing fees, all costs incurred in the management planning, oversight and execution of the construction and start-up of the plant, and all fees and costs payable under engineering, procurement, and design contracts for the construct of the plant accrued as of the time of the commercial production date, but does not include capitalized financing costs including capitalized interest during construction and all fees associated with financing, coal reserve leasing costs, marketing, training, any and all costs payable under the contract miner agreement, the cost of coal mining equipment and similar costs, and any other costs, including general and administrative costs, not reasonably incurred in connection with the design, construction, testing, start-up, or commissioning of the plant in preparation for commercial production date.
(Source: P.A. 97-239, eff. 8-2-11.)