(220 ILCS 5/15-503)
    Sec. 15-503. (a) General requirement of filing, publication, and posting. Each common carrier by pipeline shall file, publish, and make available for public inspection its current tariffs. Copies of the tariffs shall be provided by the carrier to members of the public on request at a reasonable cost.
    (b) Tariff and schedule specifications. Tariffs and schedules filed in accordance with this subsection shall be in the form and contain the information as the Commission may specify. The Commission may, by special permission for good cause shown, grant permission to deviate from its tariff and schedule regulations.
    (c) Rejection of tariffs and schedules. The Commission may, at any time prior to the effective date of a tariff or schedule, reject or suspend a tariff or schedule that does not conform to its specifications or that on its face is in violation of this Act, Commission regulations, or orders.
(Source: P.A. 89-42, eff. 1-1-96.)