(220 ILCS 5/14-104) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 14-104)
    Sec. 14-104. Rules and regulations, meetings, seal and authentication of records, etc.
    Rules and regulations. Consistent with the provisions of this Article, the transit commission may adopt such rules and regulations and may alter and amend the same as it shall deem advisable relative to the calling, holding and conduct of its meetings, the transaction of its business, the regulation and control of its agents and employes, the filing of complaints and petitions and the service of notices thereof and the conduct of hearings thereon, and the performance in general of its duties and powers hereunder.
    Meetings. For the purpose of receiving, considering and acting upon any complaints or applications which may be presented to it or for the purpose of conducting investigations or hearings on its own motion the transit commission shall hold a regular meeting at least once a week except in the months of July and August in each year. In addition to such other meetings of the commission as may be held, called or provided for by the rules and regulations of the commission, the Chairman shall call a meeting of the commission at any time upon the request of the mayor or city council of the city.
    Quorum and Majority Rule. Two members of the transit commission shall constitute a quorum to transact business and no vacancy shall impair the right of the remaining commissioners to exercise all the powers of the commission; and every finding, order, decision, rule, regulation or requirement of the commission approved by at least two members thereof shall be deemed to be the finding, order, decision, rule, regulation or requirement of the commission.
    Seal, Authentication of records, etc. The transit commission may adopt, keep, and use a common seal, of which judicial notice shall be taken in all courts of this state. Any process, notice, or other instrument which the commission may be authorized by law to issue shall be deemed sufficient if signed by the secretary of the commission and authenticated by such seal. All acts, orders, decisions, rules, and records of the commission, and all reports, schedules, and documents filed with the commission may be proved in any court in this state by a copy thereof certified by the secretary under the seal of the commission.
(Source: P.A. 84-617.)