(220 ILCS 5/14-103) (from Ch. 111 2/3, par. 14-103)
    Sec. 14-103. Offices, employes and supplies, salaries. Offices. The transit commission shall establish and maintain an office in the city hall of the city or at such other place as the city council of the city shall from time to time authorize or provide.
    Such office shall be open for business between the hours of nine o'clock A. M. and five o'clock P. M. of each week day except holidays, except on Saturdays the hours shall be from nine o'clock A. M. to twelve o'clock noon.
    Employes and supplies. The transit commission shall have power to appoint a secretary, and to employ such accountants, engineers, experts, inspectors, clerks and other employes and fix their compensation, and to purchase such furniture, stationery, and other supplies and materials, as are reasonably necessary to enable it properly to perform its duties and exercise its powers.
    The secretary and such other employes as the commission may require shall give bond in such amount and with such security as the commission may prescribe.
    Salaries and expenses. Each of the members of the transit commission shall receive such annual salary as shall be fixed by the city council of the city.
    The salary of any member shall not be reduced during his term of office.
    The city council of the city shall have power to provide for the payment of the salaries of all members and the expenses of the commission.
(Source: P.A. 84-617.)