(220 ILCS 5/13-301.2)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on December 31, 2020)
    Sec. 13-301.2. Program to Foster Elimination of the Digital Divide. The Commission shall require by rule that each telecommunications carrier providing local exchange telecommunications service notify its end-user customers that if the customer wishes to participate in the funding of the Program to Foster Elimination of the Digital Divide he or she may do so by electing to contribute, on a monthly basis, a fixed amount that will be included in the customer's monthly bill. The obligations imposed in this Section shall not be imposed upon a telecommunications carrier for any of its end-users subscribing to the services listed below: (1) private line service which is not directly or indirectly used for the origination or termination of switched telecommunications service, (2) cellular radio service, (3) high-speed point-to-point data transmission at or above 9.6 kilobits, (4) the provision of telecommunications service by a company or person otherwise subject to subsection (c) of Section 13-202 to a telecommunications carrier, which is incidental to the provision of service subject to subsection (c) of Section 13-202; (5) pay telephone service; or (6) interexchange telecommunications service. The customer may cease contributing at any time upon providing notice to the telecommunications carrier. The notice shall state that any contribution made will not reduce the customer's bill for telecommunications services. Failure to remit the amount of increased payment will reduce the contribution accordingly. The Commission shall specify the monthly fixed amount or amounts that customers wishing to contribute to the funding of the Program to Foster Elimination of the Digital Divide may choose from in making their contributions. A telecommunications carrier subject to this obligation shall remit the amounts contributed by its customers to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for deposit in the Digital Divide Elimination Fund at the intervals specified in the Commission rules.
(Source: P.A. 100-20, eff. 7-1-17.)