(215 ILCS 97/35)
    Sec. 35. Disclosure of Information.
    (A) Disclosure of information by health plan issuers. In connection with the offering of any health insurance coverage to a small employer, a health insurance issuer:
        (1) shall make a reasonable disclosure to such
employer, as part of its solicitation and sales materials, of the availability of information described in subsection (B), and
        (2) shall, upon request of such a small employer,
provide such information.
    (B) Information described.
        (1) In general. Subject to paragraph (3), with
respect to a health insurance issuer offering health insurance coverage to a small employer, information described in this subsection is information concerning:
            (a) the provisions of such coverage concerning
issuer's right to change premium rates and the factors that may affect changes in premium rates;
            (b) the provisions of such coverage relating to
renewability of coverage;
            (c) the provisions of such coverage relating to
any pre-existing condition exclusion; and
            (d) the benefits and premiums available under all
health insurance coverage for which the employer is qualified.
        (2) Form of information. Information under this
subsection shall be provided to small employers in a manner determined to be understandable by the average small employer, and shall be sufficient to reasonably inform small employers of their rights and obligations under the health insurance coverage.
        (3) Exception. An issuer is not required under this
Section to disclose any information that is proprietary and trade secret information under applicable law.
(Source: P.A. 90-30, eff. 7-1-97; 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)