(210 ILCS 47/2-217)
    Sec. 2-217. Notification of violations. When the Department issues any notice pursuant to Section 3-119, 3-119.1, 3-301, 3-303, 3-307, or 3-702 of this Act or a notice of federal Medicaid certification deficiencies, the facility shall provide notification of the violations and deficiencies within 10 days after receiving a notice described within this Section to every resident and the resident's representative or guardian identified or referred to anywhere within the Department notice or the CMS 2567 as having received care or services that violated State or federal standards. The notification shall include a Department-prescribed notification letter as determined by rule and a copy of the notice and CMS 2567, if any, issued by the Department. A facility's failure to provide notification pursuant to this Section to a resident and the resident's representative or guardian, if any, shall constitute a Type "B" violation.
(Source: P.A. 97-38, eff. 6-28-11.)