(210 ILCS 47/2-204)
    Sec. 2-204. DD Facility Advisory Board. The Director shall appoint a DD Facility Advisory Board to consult with the Department and the residents' advisory councils created under Section 2-203.
    (a) The Advisory Board shall be composed of the following persons:
        (1) the Director who shall serve as chairperson, ex
officio, and nonvoting;
        (2) one representative each of the Department of
Healthcare and Family Services, the Department of Human Services, and the Office of the State Fire Marshal, all nonvoting members;
        (3) one member who shall be a physician licensed to
practice medicine in all its branches;
        (4) one member who shall be a behavioral specialist
selected from the recommendations of the Department of Human Services;
        (5) three members who shall be selected from the
recommendations by organizations whose membership consists of facilities;
        (6) two members who shall represent the general
public who are not members of a residents' advisory council established under Section 2-203 and who have no responsibility for management or formation of policy or financial interest in a facility;
        (7) one member who is a member of a residents'
advisory council established under Section 2-203 and is capable of actively participating on the Advisory Board; and
        (8) one member who shall be selected from the
recommendations of consumer organizations that engage solely in advocacy or legal representation on behalf of residents and their immediate families.
    (b) The Advisory Board shall meet as frequently as the chairperson deems necessary, but not less than 4 times each year. Upon request by 4 or more members, the chairperson shall call a meeting of the Advisory Board. The affirmative vote of 6 members of the Advisory Board shall be necessary for Advisory Board action. A member of the Advisory Board may designate a replacement to serve at the Advisory Board meeting and vote in place of the member by submitting a letter of designation to the chairperson prior to or at the Advisory Board meeting. The Advisory Board members shall be reimbursed for their actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
    (c) The Advisory Board shall advise the Department of Public Health on all aspects of its responsibilities under this Act, including the format and content of any rules promulgated by the Department of Public Health. Any such rules, except emergency rules promulgated pursuant to Section 5-45 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, promulgated without obtaining the advice of the Advisory Board are null and void. If the Department fails to follow the advice of the Advisory Board, the Department shall, prior to the promulgation of such rules, transmit a written explanation of the reason therefor to the Advisory Board. During its review of rules, the Advisory Board shall analyze the economic and regulatory impact of those rules. If the Advisory Board, having been asked for its advice, fails to advise the Department within 90 days, the rules shall be considered acted upon.
(Source: P.A. 96-339, eff. 7-1-10; 96-1146, eff. 7-21-10.)