(110 ILCS 1005/4) (from Ch. 144, par. 124)
    Sec. 4. Upon the filing of an application for a certificate of approval the Board shall make an examination to ascertain:
    1. That each course of instruction to be offered or given is adequate, suitable, and proper;
    2. That the fee to be charged for the courses of instruction, and the conditions and terms under which such fees are to be paid are reasonable;
    3. That an adequate physical plant and adequate facilities are provided;
    4. That the members of the teaching staff are adequately prepared to fulfill their instructional obligations;
    5. That the institution does not promise or agree to any right or privilege in respect to professional examinations or to the practice of any profession in violation of the laws of this State;
    6. That the institution does not offer inducements that are designed to deceive the prospective student or make any promises which it does not have the present means or ability to perform.
    If the examination shows that the applicant has such qualifications a certificate of approval shall be issued.
(Source: P.A. 80-1309.)