(110 ILCS 78/5)
    Sec. 5. Definitions. In this Act:
    "Alternative formats" means other versions of a specific textbook, including paperbacks.
    "Bundled textbook" means one or more college textbooks or other supplemental materials that may be packaged together to be sold as course materials for one price.
    "Custom textbook" means a college textbook that is compiled at the direction of a faculty member or, if applicable, the other adopting entity in charge of selecting textbooks for courses taught at an institution. "Custom textbook" may include, alone or in combination, items such as selections from original instructor materials, previously copyrighted publisher materials, copyrighted, third-party works, and elements unique to a specific institution, such as commemorative editions.
    "Integrated textbook" means a college textbook that is (i) combined with materials developed by a third party and that, by third-party contractual agreement, may not be offered by publishers separately from the college textbook with which the materials are combined; or (ii) combined with other materials that are so interrelated with the content of the college textbook that the separation of the college textbook from the other materials would render the college textbook unusable for its intended purpose.
    "Institution" means a public institution of higher education that is included in the definition of "public institutions of higher education" under the Board of Higher Education Act.
    "Substantial content" means parts of a college textbook, such as new chapters, new material covering additional eras of time, new themes, or new subject matter.
    "Supplemental material" means educational material developed to accompany a college textbook that (i) may include printed materials, computer discs, Internet website access, and electronically distributed materials and (ii) is not being used as a component of an integrated textbook.
    "Textbook" means a college textbook or a set of college textbooks used for or in conjunction with a course in postsecondary education at an institution, not including custom textbooks.
    "Unbundled textbook" means a college textbook that is offered for sale without any supplemental materials.
(Source: P.A. 96-359, eff. 7-1-10.)