(105 ILCS 5/10-22.18a) (from Ch. 122, par. 10-22.18a)
    Sec. 10-22.18a. Child care and training centers - Charges - Public aid payments for certain children). To establish Child Care and Training Centers for children under the age of compulsory school attendance for the purpose of providing them (1) social and educational guidance and developmental aids supplemental to parental care and training designed to assist them in attaining their greatest potential during their school years and adult life and (2) care and services, in addition to the services specified in (1), required because of the absence from home for all or part of the day of their parents or other persons in charge of their care as a result of employment or other reason. The board may also make the facilities of the Centers available before and after as well as during regular school hours to school age and preschool age children who may benefit thereby, including children who require care and supervision pending the return of their parents or other persons in charge of their care from employment or other activity requiring absence from the home.
    In establishing standards for the Centers, the board shall take into account standards established by the Department of Children and Family Services for like facilities. The board shall pay the necessary expenses out of school funds of the district, subject to State payment for certain children as hereinafter provided, and may charge for care and training of children for whom the State does not assume responsibility. The charge shall not exceed the per capita cost of the Center and, to the extent feasible, shall be fixed at a level which will permit utilization of the Center by employed parents of low or moderate income.
    The Department of Human Services shall pay to the district the cost of care and training provided in the Centers for any child who is a recipient of financial aid under "The Illinois Public Aid Code", approved April 11, 1967, as amended. The Department shall submit to the board written notice designating each child for whom it assumes the cost of care and training. The board shall submit claims for payment at the end of each monthly period. If satisfied of their correctness, the Department shall approve the claims and provide for their payment out of funds appropriated to it for such purposes and from Federal funds available therefor.
    The board may permit any other State or local governmental agency or private agency providing care for children to purchase care and training in the Centers for children under their charge.
    After July 1, 1970 when the provisions of Section 10-20.20 become operative in the district, children in a Child Care and Training Center shall be transferred to the kindergarten established under that Section for such portion of the day as may be required for the kindergarten program, and only the pro-rated costs of care and training provided in the Center for the remaining period shall be charged to the Illinois Department or other persons or agencies paying for such care.
(Source: P.A. 89-507, eff. 7-1-97.)