(105 ILCS 5/10-22.11) (from Ch. 122, par. 10-22.11)
    Sec. 10-22.11. Lease of school property.
    (a) To lease school property to another school district, municipality or body politic and corporate for a term of not to exceed 25 years, except as otherwise provided in this Section, and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed if in the opinion of the school board use of such property will not be needed by the district during the term of such lease; provided, the school board shall not make or renew any lease for a term longer than 10 years, nor alter the terms of any lease whose unexpired term may exceed 10 years without the vote of 2/3 of the full membership of the board.
    (b) Whenever the school board considers such action advisable and in the best interests of the school district, to lease vacant school property for a period not exceeding 51 years to a private not for profit school organization for use in the care of persons with a mental disability who are trainable and educable in the district or in the education of the gifted children in the district. Before leasing such property to a private not for profit school organization, the school board must adopt a resolution for the leasing of such property, fixing the period and price therefor, and order submitted to referendum at an election to be held in the district as provided in the general election law, the question of whether the lease should be entered into. Thereupon, the secretary shall certify to the proper election authorities the proposition for submission in accordance with the general election law. If the majority of the voters voting upon the proposition vote in favor of the leasing, the school board may proceed with the leasing. The proposition shall be in substantially the following form:
    Shall School District No. ..... of
..... County, Illinois lease to            YES
..... (here name and identify the
lessee) the following described vacant  ----------------------
school property (here describe the
property) for a term of ..... years        NO
for the sum of ..... Dollars?
    This paragraph (b) shall not be construed in such a manner as to relieve the responsibility of the Board of Education as set out in Article 14 of the School Code.
    (c) To lease school buildings and land to suitable lessees for educational purposes or for any other purpose which serves the interests of the community, for a term not to exceed 25 years and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the parties, when such buildings and land are declared by the board to be unnecessary or unsuitable or inconvenient for a school or the uses of the district during the term of the lease and when, in the opinion of the board, the best interests of the residents of the school district will be enhanced by entering into such a lease. Such leases shall include provisions for adequate insurance for both liability and property damage or loss, and reasonable charges for maintenance and depreciation of such buildings and land.
(Source: P.A. 99-143, eff. 7-27-15.)