(75 ILCS 16/1-5)
    Sec. 1-5. Definitions. For the purposes of this Act, unless the context indicates otherwise, terms have the following meanings:
    "Board" or "board of trustees" means a board of trustees created under this Act to administer this Act.
    "Certified copy" means a copy of any document within a library's control that is certified by the secretary of the board as a true and accurate copy of the original.
    "Date of effectiveness" means the day a regulation or ordinance takes effect.
    "Date of enactment" means the day a board adopts, by majority vote, an ordinance or regulation.
    "Day" means a calendar day.
    "District" means a public library district established under this Act and includes a proposed public library district.
    "District library" means a library maintained and operated by a district.
    "Election authority" means a county clerk or a board of election commissioners.
    "Judge" means a judge of a circuit court of this State assigned to hear any matter brought before him or her under this Act.
    "Library" means a public library, including one privately endowed or tax-supported or one established under this Act.
    "Municipality" means a city, village, or incorporated town.
    "Ordinance" means an enactment, adopted by majority vote of a board, that applies to the public generally and that implements, applies, or prescribes conduct, imposes a tax, imposes a fee or fine, or assesses a penalty or that otherwise affects the rights of the public concerning the use or operation of a library.
    "Reciprocal agreement" means an agreement between a library and a library agency for the provision of library services as needed by either party.
    "Reciprocal borrowing" means the privilege of a person holding a valid library registration card from a local library to borrow library materials from other libraries.
    "Regulation" means an enactment, adopted by majority vote of a board, that concerns the internal management of a library, including but not limited to enactments concerning personnel matters and the requisition of books and personal property for the library.
    "Resident" means a person residing within the geographic area within which a tax is imposed to support a public library.
    "Resolution" means a statement, adopted by majority vote of a board, that establishes library policy and internal procedures for the governance of a library.
    "Territory", for purposes of annexation, means real estate contiguous to a public library district that is delineated by definite boundaries, including but not limited to a subdivision, plat, township, or municipality.
    "Trustee" means a trustee elected or appointed under this Act.
(Source: P.A. 87-1277.)