(70 ILCS 3405/22) (from Ch. 42, par. 469)
    Sec. 22. Whenever any property within a surface water protection district does not have the territorial qualifications described in Section 2 of this Act, is not benefited by such surface water protection district or would receive greater benefit of service from another such district, any legal voter within such district or the owner of such property may detach and disconnect such property from the surface water protection district at any time before the district has incurred any bonded indebtedness in the following manner:
    The owner of such property within such surface water protection district or any legal voter within such district may file his petition, in the circuit court for the county in which such district was organized, setting forth therein the description of the property sought to be detached and disconnected, a statement that the detachment and disconnection will not cause the territory remaining in the district to be noncontiguous and alleging facts in support of such detachment and disconnection and praying that such property be detached and disconnected from such surface water protection district. The petition shall be signed and sworn to by the petitioner. Upon the filing of the petition, the court shall set the same for hearing on a day not less than 2 weeks nor more than 4 weeks from the filing thereof and shall give 2 weeks notice of such hearing in the manner provided in Section 3 of this Act, and by mailing a copy of such notice to the president and to the secretary of the board of trustees of the district from which the detachment is sought. All property owners in such district and all persons interested therein may file objections, and at the hearing may appear and contest the detachment and disconnection of the property from the surface water protection district, and both objectors and petitioners may offer any competent evidence in regard thereto. If the court upon hearing the petition shall find that the petition complies with the provisions of this Act and that the allegations of the petition are true or that the property of the petitioner is not benefited by the surface water protection district or that such property would receive greater benefit from another such district, the court shall enter an order detaching and disconnecting such property from the district, and thereupon the property shall cease to be a part of the surface water protection district. The circuit clerk shall transmit a certified copy of the order to the circuit clerk of any other county in which any of the territory affected is situated.
(Source: P.A. 79-1365.)