(70 ILCS 3005/2) (from Ch. 42, par. 298.2)
    Sec. 2. The ordinance authorizing the refunding bonds shall prescribe all details thereof and shall provide for the levy and collection of a direct annual tax upon all the taxable property within the sanitary district sufficient to pay the principal thereof and interest thereon as it matures. This tax shall be in addition to and exclusive of the maximum of all other taxes authorized to be levied by the sanitary district. Tax limitations applicable to the sanitary district provided by other statutes of this State shall not apply to taxes levied for payment of these refunding bonds.
    A certified copy of the bond ordinance shall be filed with the county clerk of the county in which the sanitary district or any portion thereof is situated, and shall constitute the authority for the extension and collection of refunding bond and interest taxes as required by the constitution.
(Source: Laws 1941, vol. 2, p. 432.)