(70 ILCS 2805/38) (from Ch. 42, par. 447.2)
    Sec. 38. That all sanitary districts heretofore organized under the provisions of this Act and in which proceedings there was a substantial compliance with the provisions hereof and a majority of the voters voting upon the question at an election duly called and held by the county judge for the purpose of voting upon the organization and establishment into a sanitary district under the provisions of this Act of an area of contiguous territory within the limits of a single county and without the limits of any city, village or incorporated town and described in the notice given of such election were in favor of such question and such notice had been given by the county judge or by his order by publishing the same at least once in one or more daily or weekly newspapers published within the territory sought to be organized and established as a sanitary district under the provisions hereof, or if there was no such newspaper, then such notice had been given by posting at least 5 copies thereof within such territory, the date of such publication or posting, as the case may be, being at least 20 days before the day set for the election, are hereby declared validly and legally organized and shall be deemed to have been duly, legally and validly incorporated, organized and established under the provisions of this Act and to have all the powers, rights, duties and obligations conferred upon sanitary districts organized under the provisions of this Act and any and all acts performed and proceedings heretofore had or performed by any such sanitary districts and boards of trustees thereof are hereby declared legal and valid in all respects and all authorizations to acquire by purchase or construction and thereafter operate, improve or extend waterworks conferred on the board of trustees by the affirmative vote of a majority of the legal voters voting on the question at a referendum held within the district are hereby validated and the persons constituting the trustees of such districts as heretofore appointed and qualified and such persons as may hereafter be appointed and qualified and acting as their successors in office shall constitute the corporate authority of such district and shall continue until such time as their successors in office have been duly appointed and qualified as herein provided.
(Source: P.A. 81-1489.)