(70 ILCS 2805/26d) (from Ch. 42, par. 437d)
    Sec. 26d. Any ordinance adopted pursuant to the preceding section shall be published in a newspaper published and having a general circulation in the district undertaking the project or, if there is no such newspaper, it shall be posted in at least 3 of the most public places in the district. The publication or posting of the ordinance shall include a notice of (1) the specific number of voters required to sign a petition requesting that the question of the adoption of the ordinance be submitted to the electors of the district; (2) the time in which such petition must be filed; and (3) the date of the prospective referendum. The Clerk of district shall provide a petition form to any individual requesting one.
    If no petition for an election is filed with the Clerk of the district within 30 days after such publication or posting, then, at the expiration of the 30 days, the ordinance shall be in full force and effect. If, however, within the period of 30 days a petition is filed with the clerk, signed by a number of the legal voters within the district equal to 10% or more of the registered voters in the district, asking that the question of acquiring, constructing, purchasing, improving or extending the drainage system, and the issuance of revenue bonds therefor, as provided in the ordinance, be submitted to the electors of the district, the trustees shall certify the ordinance and question to the proper election officials, who shall submit the question at an election in accordance with the general election law to decide whether the project and issuance of bonds of the district, as set forth in the ordinance, should be approved.
    If a majority of the votes cast on the question are in favor thereof, the ordinance shall be in effect. But if a majority of the votes cast on the question are unfavorable, the trustees shall proceed no further and the ordinance shall not take effect.
(Source: P.A. 87-767.)