(70 ILCS 2805/22) (from Ch. 42, par. 433)
    Sec. 22. Every such sanitary district is authorized to construct, maintain, alter and extend its sewers, channels, ditches and drains, as a proper use of highways along, upon, under and across any highway, street, alley or public ground in the state, but so as not to incommode the public use thereof, and the right and authority are hereby granted to any such sanitary district to construct, maintain and operate any conduit or conduits, main pipe or pipes, wholly or partially submerged, buried, or otherwise, in, upon and along any of the lands owned by this state under any of the public waters therein; Provided, that the extent and location of the lands and waters so to be used and appropriated shall be granted by the Governor of said State of Illinois, upon application duly made to him asking for such approval: And provided further that the rights, permission and authority hereby granted shall be subject to all public rights, of commerce and navigation, and to the authority of the United States in behalf of such public rights and also to the right of said State of Illinois to regulate and control fishing in said public waters.
(Source: Laws 1935-36, Fourth Sp. Sess., p. 16.)