(70 ILCS 2805/10) (from Ch. 42, par. 421)
    Sec. 10. The sanitary district may acquire by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise all real and personal property, right of way and privilege, either within or without its corporate limits that may be required for its corporate purposes. If real property is acquired by condemnation, the sanitary district may not sell or lease any portion of the property for a period of 10 years after acquisition by condemnation is completed. If, after such 10-year period, the sanitary district decides to sell or lease the property, it must first offer the property for sale or lease to the previous owner of the land from whom the sanitary district acquired the property. If the sanitary district and such previous owner do not execute a contract for purchase or lease of the property within 60 days from the initial offer, the sanitary district then may offer the property for sale or lease to any other person. If any sanitary district formed under this Act is unable to agree with any other sanitary district, city, village or incorporated town upon the terms whereby it shall be permitted to use the drains, channels or ditches of such other sanitary district, city, village or incorporated town, the right to such use may be acquired by condemnation in any circuit court by proceedings as provided in Section 4-17 of the Illinois Drainage Code. The compensation to be paid for such use may be a gross sum, or it may be in the form of an annual rental, to be paid in yearly installments as and in the manner provided by the judgment of the court wherein such proceedings may be had. However, when such compensation is fixed at a gross sum, all moneys for the purchase and condemnation of any property shall be paid before possession is taken or any work done on the premises damaged by the construction of such channel or outlet, and in case of an appeal from the circuit court taken by either party whereby the amount of damages is not finally determined, then possession may be taken, if the amount of the judgment in such court is deposited at some bank or savings and loan association to be designated by the court, subject to the payment of such damages on orders signed by such circuit court, whenever the amount of damages is finally determined. The sanitary district may sell, convey, vacate and release the real or personal property, right of way and privileges acquired by it when no longer required for the purposes of such district.
(Source: P.A. 90-558, eff. 12-12-97.)