(70 ILCS 2405/9.5) (from Ch. 42, par. 308 1/2)
    Sec. 9.5. In addition to the powers and authority now possessed by them, the board of trustees of any sanitary district organized under this Act shall have the power, by majority vote:
    (a) To convey, grant, transfer or sell to the United States of America, or to any proper agency thereof, any real or personal property owned by the sanitary district upon such terms as may be agreed upon by the board of trustees, or in consideration of a grant or loan of money by the federal government, or any agency thereof, for the construction, extension or improvement of any public works project or building.
    (b) To enter into a lease or contract with the United States of America, or any proper agency thereof with reference to any real or personal property for use for any sanitary district purpose, for any period of time not exceeding fifty years, with or without an option to buy such property and with or without a clause to the effect that title to such leased property shall vest in the district at the expiration of such lease.
    (c) To pay for the use of any such leased property in accordance with the terms of such lease; provided that such lease may be entered into without an appropriation for the expense thereby incurred having been previously made; and provided further, that no obligation to pay incurred under such lease shall be considered to be an indebtedness of the district within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory limitation upon such indebtedness, but such obligation shall be considered a current expense of the year for which paid and not an indebtedness of the district.
    (d) To authorize any official to enter into any such lease and to sign the same on behalf of the district, and to execute any deed or other evidence of transfer of title on behalf of the district, to effect or evidence any exercise of the powers hereby granted.
(Source: P.A. 87-895.)