(70 ILCS 2405/22a.50) (from Ch. 42, par. 317d.51)
    Sec. 22a.50. Finding against certificate, completion of improvement, supplemental applications and bonds. If upon the hearing the court finds against the allegations of the certificate, it shall enter an order accordingly. The committee of local improvements shall then procure the completion of the improvement in substantial accordance with the ordinance. The committee from time to time may file additional or supplemental applications or petitions in respect thereto until the court eventually is satisfied that the allegations of the certificate or applications are true and that the improvement is constructed in substantial accordance with the ordinance.
    If before the entry of such an order upon such a certificate there has been issued to the contractor in the progress of any such work bonds to apply upon the contract price thereof, that contractor or the then owner or holder of those bonds shall be entitled to receive in lieu thereof new bonds of equivalent amount, dated and issued after the entry of that order. Nothing contained in Sections 22a.48 through 22a.50 shall apply to any proceedings under Section 22a.30 for the confirmation of new assessments levied to pay for the cost of work already done.
(Source: P.A. 85-1137.)