(70 ILCS 2405/17.2)
    Sec. 17.2. Acquisition of privately owned treatment works.
    (a) After incorporation, any district organized under this Act may, in accordance with this Act, acquire by purchase or condemnation the territory, treatment works, lines, appurtenances, water treatment works, storage tanks, water lines, and other property of a privately owned public sewer and water utility treatment works that is not located within any other sanitary district, regardless of whether the area serviced by the treatment works is contiguous to the acquiring sanitary district. If, at the time of acquisition, the treatment works is located within a municipality, then the treatment works may not be acquired by the sanitary district without the consent of that municipality. The distance between the treatment works being acquired and the acquiring sanitary district, as measured from the point of discharge of the treatment works and the corporate boundary of the acquiring sanitary district at its nearest point, shall be within 15 miles and shall be located in the sanitary district's facility planning area (FPA).
    (b) The acquisition of the treatment works by a sanitary district shall not affect the obligation of any bonds issued in the sanitary district or in the territory serviced by the treatment works or invalidate the levy, extension, or collection of any taxes or special assessments within the sanitary district.
    (c) The acquiring sanitary district may acquire by eminent domain, within or outside its boundaries, easements necessary to connect the treatment works to the sanitary district's sewers or plants.
    (d) The sanitary district may pass all necessary ordinances to regulate the connections to and use of the sewer or water system of the treatment works, including the establishment of a user fee for the area serviced by the treatment works, and may enforce those ordinances against all users of the acquired system, within or outside its boundaries. The sanitary district may own, operate, expand, and improve the private treatment works in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
    (e) The grant of powers set forth in this Section are a restatement of existing law.
(Source: P.A. 93-839, eff. 7-30-04.)