(70 ILCS 2305/3) (from Ch. 42, par. 279)
    Sec. 3. Election of trustees; terms. The corporate authority of the North Shore Water Reclamation District shall consist of 5 trustees.
    Within 20 days after the adoption of the Act, as provided in Section 1, the county governing body shall proceed to divide the sanitary district into 5 wards for the purpose of electing trustees. One trustee shall be elected for each ward on the date of the next regular county election. In each sanitary district organized pursuant to the provisions of this Act prior to the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1975, one trustee shall be elected for each ward on the date of the regular county election in the year 1976. However, the population in no one ward shall be less than 1/6 of the population of the whole district and the territory in each of the wards shall be composed of contiguous territory in as compact form as practicable. A portion of each ward shall abut the west shore of Lake Michigan and the boundaries of the respective wards shall coincide with precinct boundaries and the boundaries of existing municipalities as nearly as practicable. In the year 1981, and every 10 years thereafter, the sanitary district board of trustees shall reapportion the district, so that the respective wards shall conform as nearly as practicable with the above requirements as to population, shape and territory.
    All trustees elected from 1994 through 2011 shall assume office on the first Monday in December following the general election. All trustees elected in 2012 or thereafter shall assume office on the second Wednesday in December following the general election.
    In the year 1982, and every 10 years thereafter, following each decennial Federal census, all 5 trustees shall be elected. Immediately following each decennial redistricting, the sanitary district board of trustees shall be randomly divided into 2 groups, one of which shall consist of 3 wards and the other shall consist of 2 wards. A random process shall again be used to determine which trustees from one group shall serve terms of 4 years, 4 years and 2 years; and which trustees from the other group shall serve terms of 2 years, 4 years and 4 years.
    Each of the trustees, upon entering the duties of their respective offices, shall execute a bond with security, in the amount and form to be approved by the corporate authorities, payable to the district, in the penal sum of not less than $250,000.00, as directed by resolution or ordinance, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of the office. Each bond shall be filed with and preserved by the board secretary.
    When a vacancy exists in the office of trustees of any sanitary district organized under the provisions of this Act, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of an individual of the same political party as that of the trustee who vacated the seat by the president of the sanitary district board of trustees, with the advice and consent of the sanitary district board of trustees, until the next regular election at which trustees of the sanitary district are elected, and shall be made a matter of record in the office of the county clerk in the county in which the district is located.
    A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day. No trustee or employee of the district shall be directly or indirectly interested in any contract, work or business of the district, or the sale of any article, the expense, price or consideration of which is paid by the district; nor in the purchase of any real estate or other property belonging to the district, or which shall be sold for taxes or assessments, or by virtue of legal process at the suit of the district. The trustees have the power to provide and adopt a corporate seal for the district.
(Source: P.A. 99-669, eff. 7-29-16; 100-31, eff. 8-4-17.)