(70 ILCS 2205/24) (from Ch. 42, par. 270)
    Sec. 24. In case any sanitary district organized hereunder, shall include within its limits, in whole or in part, any drainage district or districts organized under the laws of this state having levees, drains or ditches which are conducive to sanitary purposes, such drainage district or districts shall have paid and reimbursed to it or them, upon such terms as may be agreed upon by its or their corporate authorities and the board of trustees of said sanitary district, the reasonable cost or value of such levee, drains or ditches, which valuation shall in no case be fixed at less than any unpaid indebtedness incurred by such district or districts in contracting the same. Upon such payment being made, the sanitary district shall have the right to appropriate and use such levees, drains or ditches, or any part thereof, as it may desire, for or in connection with any improvements authorized by this act, and for or in connection with the purposes for which said sanitary district is organized; Provided, no such levee, drain or ditch shall be destroyed, removed or otherwise so used as to impair its usefulness for the purposes for which the same was constructed, without the consent of the corporate authorities of such drainage district. In case the board of trustees of said sanitary district and the corporate authorities of any such drainage district shall be unable to agree upon the compensation to be paid or reimbursed to such drainage district, the same may be ascertained and enforced by any proper proceeding in the circuit court.
(Source: P.A. 100-201, eff. 8-18-17.)