(70 ILCS 1920/70)
    Sec. 70. Deposit and withdrawal of funds; signatures. All funds deposited by the Treasurer in any bank or savings and loan association shall be placed in the name of the Authority and shall be withdrawn or paid out only by check or draft upon the bank or savings and loan association, signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Chair of the Authority. Subject to prior approval of the designations by a majority of the Authority, the Chair may designate any other member or any officer of the Authority to affix the signature of the Treasurer to any Authority check or draft for payment of salaries or wages and for payment of any other obligation of not more than $2,500.
    No bank or savings and loan association shall receive public funds as permitted by this Section unless it has complied with the requirements established under Section 6 of the Public Funds Investment Act.
(Source: P.A. 91-562, eff. 8-14-99.)