(70 ILCS 1832/30)
    Sec. 30. Rights and powers. The port district shall have the following rights and powers:
    (a) To issue permits for the construction of all wharves, piers, dolphins, booms, weirs, breakwaters, bulkheads, jetties, bridges, or other structures of any kind over, under, in, or within 40 feet of any navigable waters within the district; for the deposit of rock, earth, sand, or other material; or for any matter of any kind or description in those waters;
    (b) To prevent or remove obstructions, including the removal of wrecks;
    (c) To locate and establish dock lines and shore or harbor lines;
    (d) To acquire, own, construct, sell, lease, operate, and maintain port and harbor, water, and land terminal facilities and, subject to the provisions of Section 35, to operate or contract for the operation of those facilities, and to fix and collect just, reasonable, and non-discriminatory charges, rentals, or fees for the use of those facilities. The charges, rentals, or fees so collected shall be made available to defray the reasonable expenses of the district and to pay the principal of and interest on any revenue bonds issued by the district;
    (e) To enter into any agreement or contract with any airport for the use of airport facilities to the extent necessary to carry out any of the purposes of the district;
    (f) To the extent authorized by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, to enter into any agreements with any other public agency of this State;
    (g) To the extent authorized by any interstate compact, to enter into agreements with any other state or unit of local government of any other state; and
    (h) To enter into contracts dealing in any manner with the objects and purposes of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 90-636, eff. 7-24-98.)