(70 ILCS 1825/4.22) (from Ch. 19, par. 254.22)
    Sec. 4.22. To acquire, erect, construct, reconstruct, improve, maintain and operate one or more, or a combination or combinations of, industrial buildings, office buildings, buildings to be used as factories, mill shops, processing plants, packaging plants, assembly plants, fabricating plants, and buildings to be used as warehouses and other industrial projects.
    "Industrial project" means any (1) capital project, comprising one or more buildings or other structures, improvements, machinery and equipment, whether or not on the same site or sites now existing or hereafter acquired, suitable for use by any manufacturing, industrial, research, transportation or commercial enterprise, including but not limited to, use as a factory, mill, processing plant, assembly plant, packaging plant, fabricating plant, office building, industrial distribution center, warehouse, repair, overhaul or service facility, freight terminal, research facility, test facility, railroad facility, or commercial facility, and including also the sites thereof and other rights in land therefor whether improved or unimproved, site preparation and landscaping, and all appurtenances and facilities incidental thereto such as utilities, access roads, railroad sidings, truck docking and similar facilities, parking facilities, dockage, wharfage, railroad roadbed, track, trestle, depot, terminal, switching and signaling equipment or related equipment, and other improvements necessary or convenient thereto; or (2) any land, buildings, machinery or equipment comprising an addition to or renovation, rehabilitation or improvement of any existing capital project.
(Source: P.A. 83-1102.)