(70 ILCS 1825/4.18) (from Ch. 19, par. 254.18)
    Sec. 4.18. To establish, maintain, expand and improve roadways, railroads, and approaches by land, or water, to any such terminal, terminal facility and port facilities, and to contract or otherwise provide by condemnation, if necessary, for the removal of any port, terminal, terminal facilities and port facility hazards or the removal or relocation of all private structures, railroads, mains, pipes, conduits, wires, poles, and all other facilities and equipment which may interfere with the location, expansion, development or improvement of ports, terminals, terminal facilities and port facilities or with the safe approach thereto, or exit or takeoff therefrom by vehicles, vessels, barges and other means of transportation, and to pay the cost of removal or relocation.
(Source: P.A. 83-1102.)