(70 ILCS 1710/21) (from Ch. 85, par. 1171)
    Sec. 21. Prepare and recommend to units of government within the Commission's area of operation generalized comprehensive and functional plans and policies which are metropolitan or regional in character and which may include but need not be limited to plans for:
    1. Residential, commercial, industrial, public and other land use;
    2. Land, water, rail and air transportation facilities and terminals therefor;
    3. Water and air resources, quality, supply and distribution;
    4. Drainage, flood control, sewage disposal and environmental protection;
    5. Parks, open spaces and recreation facilities;
    6. Governmental services and facilities, particularly where the joint action of 2 or more units of government are necessary or desirable;
    7. Socio-economic related services such as manpower, health, and economic development and education;
    8. Improvement in standards of environmental quality, urban esthetics and civic design.
    In the preparation of its comprehensive and functional plans, the Commission shall give consideration to all pertinent existing plans, projects, proposals, and policies of units of government charged with the carrying out of governmental services, public works, and regulations to which the Commission's plans will relate. The Commission shall refrain so far as practicable from duplication of work performed by the various units of government, and in the preparation of its comprehensive and functional plans and policies shall give primary attention to the need for correlating the various elements involved in orderly metropolitan and regional growth and development.
(Source: P.A. 79-477.)