(70 ILCS 1605/25)
    Sec. 25. Powers and duties.
    (a) The Metro-East Park and Recreation District has the power to:
        (1) issue bonds, notes, or other obligations for any
of the purposes of the District, and to refund the bonds, notes, or obligations, as provided in Section 40;
        (2) contract, as provided by law, with public and
private entities or individuals both within and without the State and contract with the United States or any agency thereof in furtherance of any of the purposes of the District;
        (3) own, hold, control, lease, purchase from willing
sellers, contract, and sell any and all rights in land, buildings, improvements, and any and all other real, personal, or mixed property, provided that real property within a county may be purchased by the District only if a majority of the board members from the county in which the real property is located consent to the acquisition;
        (4) receive property, both real and personal, or
money that has been granted, donated, devised, or bequeathed to the District;
        (5) establish and collect reasonable charges for the
use of the facilities of the District; and
        (6) maintain an office and staff at any place or
places in this State that it may designate and conduct any business and operations that are necessary to fulfill the District's duties under this Section.
    (b) When a public highway, street, or road extends into or through a public trail, trail area, or park area of the Metro-East District, or when a public highway, street, or road forms all or part of a suitable connection between 2 or more public trails, trail areas, or park areas within the Metro-East District, and it is advisable by the board to make alterations in the route or width of the highway or to grade, drain, pave, or otherwise improve the highway, the board may enter into agreements, consistent with the purposes of the Metro-East District, with the public agency in control of the portion of the highway, street, or road that lies within any, or forms any part of, a connecting link to and between any public trail, trail area, or park area of the Metro-East District. Any agreement with any public agency must be consistent with the provisions of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act.
    This subsection does not alter the legal status of the highway, street, or road in any way.
    (c) The Metro-East District does not have any power of eminent domain.
(Source: P.A. 91-103, eff. 7-13-99.)