(70 ILCS 1605/10)
    Sec. 10. Creation of Metro-East Park and Recreation District.
    (a) The Metro-East Park and Recreation District may be created, incorporated, and managed under this Section and may exercise the powers given to the District under this Act. Any county may be included in the Metro-East District if the voters in the county or counties to be included in the District vote to be included in the District. Any recreation system or public parks system that exists within the Metro-East District created under this Section shall remain in existence with the same powers and responsibilities it had prior to the creation of the Metro-East District. Nothing in this Section shall be construed in any manner to limit or prohibit:
        (1) later establishment or cessation of any park or
recreation system provided for by law; or
        (2) any powers and responsibilities of any park or
recreation system provided for by law.
    (b) When the Metro-East District is organized, it shall be a body corporate and a political subdivision of this State, and the District shall be known as the "Metro-East Park and Recreation District", and in that name may sue and be sued, issue general revenue bonds, and impose and collect taxes or fees under this Act.
    (c) The Metro-East District shall have as its primary duty the development, operation, and maintenance of a public system of interconnecting trails and parks throughout the counties comprising the District. The Metro-East District shall supplement but shall not substitute for the powers and responsibilities of the other parks and recreation systems within the Metro-East District and shall have the power to contract with the State of Illinois, the United States government, and other parks and recreation systems as well as with the departments or agencies of any of those governmental bodies and with other public and private entities.
    (d) All counties and communities comprising the Metro-East Park and Recreation District shall make available upon written request from the District, at no cost to the District, any and all technical information and data necessary for the implementation of the District's goals.
(Source: P.A. 95-364, eff. 8-23-07.)