(70 ILCS 1600/5) (from Ch. 32, par. 503f)
    Sec. 5. Every Authority organized under this Act shall have the following rights, powers and privileges in addition to the powers expressed in the purposes for which such Authority is authorized to be organized:
    (1) to have succession by its corporate name;
    (2) to sue and be sued in its corporate name;
    (3) to adopt and use a corporate seal;
    (4) to acquire park lands by lease from any park district and to construct, reconstruct or acquire by gift, grant, purchase, lease or otherwise buildings and other structures and personal property for any purpose within the powers of such Authority and to sell, transfer or convey its property, or any part thereof, except that acquired by lease, when no longer necessary or useful for its purposes or to exchange any such property for other property which it may use for any purpose within the powers of such Authority;
    (5) to charge and collect rentals, license or permit fees and admission fees;
    (6) to purchase and enter into contracts for any type of insurance or surety bond covering fire, use and occupancy, tornado, weather, damage to property, theft, robbery, workers' compensation, public liability, fidelity, contract obligations, and all other types of insurance and indemnity that may be desirable in the performance of the functions of such Authority;
    (7) to enter into any contract or agreement which may be desirable in the opinion of the board of commissioners of such Authority for the performance of any functions or the exercise of any powers granted to it;
    (8) to borrow money and to issue and sell or pledge to any person its notes, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness which, however, shall not be a lien upon any rights or property of such Authority but may be secured by a lien only upon its revenue or upon the revenue of any project of such Authority;
    (9) to invest and reinvest any money held in reserves or sinking funds or in any funds not required for immediate disbursement in bonds and tax anticipation warrants issued by the park district, sanitary district, school district, county or city in which the property of such Authority is located, or in the bonds of the state of Illinois or of the United States, and to sell or pledge such securities for any purpose within the powers of such Authority;
    (10) to secure grants and loans, or either, from the United States government, or any agency thereof, for financing projects authorized under this Act and for such purposes to sell or pledge its notes, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, and its securities, and execute any contracts and documents and do all things that may be required by the United States government or such agency.
(Source: P.A. 81-992.)