(70 ILCS 1580/1) (from Ch. 105, par. 452)
    Sec. 1. That the land or lands located in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, and State of Illinois, bounded on the north by the north line of Monroe Street, produced east to the outer sea wall or harbor line, established by the secretary of war, September 22, 1890, in Lake Michigan, and bounded on the east by said outer sea wall or harbor line, and bounded on the south by the south line of the street known as Lake Park place (formerly known as Park Row) produced east to said outer sea wall or harbor line, and bounded on the west by the east line of Michigan avenue, which land is commonly known and designated as the "lake front," including all submerged land lying west of said outer sea wall or harbor line, and between said north and south boundary lines above described shall be, and are hereafter to be called, designated and known as "Grant Park," and said "Grant Park" is hereby conveyed to the south park commissioners, to be held, managed and controlled by said commissioners, as other parks are now under their control; except, however, that portion of said "Grant Park" lying north of the north of the north, line of Jackson street, extended east from Michigan avenue to the said outer sea wall or harbor line, and except also the right of way, easements and grounds of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, extending north and south through said "Grant Park," as described in an ordinance of the city council of the city of Chicago, passed October 21, 1895, and published by authority of the city council in 1898, in Volume two (2) of Special Ordinances of Chicago, at page 657.
(Source: Laws 1901, p. 260.)