(70 ILCS 1550/1) (from Ch. 105, par. 454)
    Sec. 1. That the land, including all submerged and artificially made land, lying within the south boundary line of Jackson Park and the south line of Seventy-ninth street as extended one thousand feet into Lake Michigan and a line easterly of and parallel with the shore line of said lake and the shore line of such lake, and also the land including all submerged and artificially made land lying within the north line of Ninety-fifth street extended to its intersection with the boundary line of Indiana and Illinois as extended and the shore line of Lake Michigan, all of such lines being situated in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, and the State of Illinois, be, and the same are hereby granted and conveyed to the Board of South Park Commissioners and their successors in office, to be held, managed and controlled by them for the same uses and purposes as other parks now under their control.
(Source: Laws 1903, p. 268.)