(70 ILCS 1545/2) (from Ch. 105, par. 333.52)
    Sec. 2. On the effective date, the title to, control and jurisdiction of all park district boulevards, boulevard appurtenances, and park district street maintenance equipment, shall be vested in the city. On that date the city shall assume responsibility for the supervision, maintenance and repair of such boulevards and boulevard appurtenances, and for their policing and traffic regulation and control. The corporate authorities of the city may from time to time establish by ordinance all needful rules and regulations for the government of boulevards; may exclude all objectionable travel and traffic and may make and enforce reasonable traffic and other regulations, and provide penalties not exceeding $200 for any one offense for the violation of such rules and regulations. The city shall have the same powers over boulevards so transferred as it exercises over streets under its jurisdiction and control. The city shall also assume the duty and responsibility of providing police personnel for the parks of the park district.
(Source: Laws 1957, p. 1075.)