(70 ILCS 1510/3) (from Ch. 105, par. 333.26)
    Sec. 3. All money received from the proceeds of the sale of such bonds shall be set apart in said working cash fund by the treasurer and comptroller of the Chicago Park District and shall be used only for the purposes and in the manner hereinafter provided. Such fund and the money therein shall not be regarded as current assets available for appropriation and shall not be appropriated for by the commissioners or included in any other appropriation bill, resolution or ordinance. The commissioners of the Chicago Park District may appropriate moneys to the working cash fund up to the maximum amount allowable in the fund, and the working cash fund may receive such appropriations and any other contributions. In order to provide moneys with which to meet ordinary and necessary disbursements for salaries and other corporate purposes, such fund and the money therein may be transferred in whole or in part to the general corporate fund of the Chicago Park District and shall be disbursed therefrom in anticipation of the collection of any taxes lawfully levied for general corporate purposes or in the anticipation of such taxes, as now or hereafter enacted or amended, imposed by the General Assembly of the State of Illinois to replace revenue lost by units of local government and school districts as a result of the abolition of ad valorem personal property taxes, pursuant to Article IX Section 5 (c) of the Constitution of the State of Illinois.
    Moneys transferred to the general corporate fund in anticipation of the collection of taxes shall be deemed to have been transferred in anticipation of the collection of that part of the taxes so levied or to be received which is in excess of the amount thereof required to pay any warrants and interest thereon theretofore or thereafter issued under the provisions of "An Act to provide for the manner of issuing warrants upon the Treasurer of the State or of any county, township, city, village or other municipal corporation and juror's certificates," approved June 27, 1913, as amended, the amount estimated to be required to satisfy debt service and pension or retirement obligations, as set forth in Section 12 of "An Act in relation to State revenue sharing with local government entities", approved July 31, 1969, as amended, and such taxes levied for general corporate purposes when collected shall be applied, first, to the payment of any such warrants and interest thereon and then to the reimbursement of said working cash fund as hereinafter provided.
    Upon receipt by the treasurer of the Chicago Park District of any taxes in anticipation of the collection whereof moneys of such working cash fund have been so transferred for disbursement, such fund shall be immediately reimbursed therefrom until the full amount so transferred has been retransferred to such fund.
    Unless taxes so received and applied to the reimbursement of the working cash fund, prior to the first day of the twelfth month following the month in which the second installment of due and unpaid real property taxes begin to bear interest, shall be sufficient to effect a complete reimbursement of such funds for any moneys transferred therefrom in anticipation of the collection or receipt of such taxes, such working cash fund shall be reimbursed for the amount of the deficiency therein from any other revenues accruing to said general corporate fund and it shall be the duty of such commissioners to make provision for the immediate reimbursement of the amount of any such deficiency in its next general appropriation bill, ordinance or resolution.
(Source: P.A. 85-459.)