(70 ILCS 1510/2) (from Ch. 105, par. 333.25)
    Sec. 2. For the purpose of creating such working cash fund the commissioners of the Chicago Park District, without the submission thereof to the voters for approval, may incur an indebtedness and issue bonds therefor in an amount not to exceed $40,000,000 in addition to bonds in the amount of $25,000,000 heretofore authorized, and in addition to bonds in the amounts of $5,000,000 and $7,000,000 heretofore authorized, and issued for that purpose. Bonds in the amount of not to exceed $40,000,000 may be sold in any one year and if such maximum amount shall not be so sold in the first year the balance thereof may be sold in any year thereafter at the discretion of the commissioners.
    Such bonds shall be authorized by ordinance and shall be of the form and denomination, payable at the place and bear such date as may be determined by the commissioners and shall mature within not to exceed 20 years from their date or, for bonds issued after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 93rd General Assembly, within not to exceed 30 years from their date, but may be made callable on any interest payment date at the price of par and accrued interest after notice shall be given by publication or otherwise and at the time or times and in the manner as may be provided in the bond ordinance.
    Such bonds may be registered as to principal and shall bear interest at the rate of not more than that permitted in "An Act to authorize public corporations to issue bonds, other evidences of indebtedness and tax anticipation warrants subject to interest rate limitations set forth therein", approved May 26, 1970, as now or hereafter amended, such interest to be payable at such time and place and in such manner as may be provided in the bond ordinance.
    The bonds may be signed by the facsimile signature of the President with like effect as if signed with his genuine signature and shall be signed by such other officers of the Chicago Park District as may be designated in the bond ordinance.
    The validity of any bond shall remain unimpaired although one or more of the officers executing same shall have ceased to be such officer or officers before delivery thereof.
    Such bonds may be sold for such price and after such advertising as shall be approved and directed by the commissioners.
    Money received from the proceeds of taxes levied for payment of principal of and interest upon such bonds shall be deposited in a special fund of such municipality and designated as "Bond and Interest Sinking Fund Account of the Chicago Park District." Said fund shall be faithfully applied to the payment of the bonds and interest thereon for which such taxes were levied.
    If such money is not immediately necessary for the payment of said bonds or if the bonds cannot be purchased before maturity then said money may be invested under the direction of the commissioners in bonds or other interest bearing obligations of the United States or bonds of the State of Illinois.
    The maturity date of the invested securities shall be prior to the due date of the bonds for the payment of which said money was collected. Such securities may be sold when ordered by the commissioners if necessary to obtain money to meet bond and interest payments.
    Prior to the maturity of the bonds, after setting aside a sum of money equal to the amount of interest that will accrue thereon within the next 6 months period from the time it is proposed to purchase and/or redeem any such bonds, or the commissioners may require that said sum of money be equal to the amount of interest that will so accrue within the next 12 months period, the treasurer of the park district shall use the money available from the proceeds of taxes levied for the payment of the bonds first, in the purchase of such bonds at the lowest price obtainable, but not to exceed their par value and accrued interest, after sealed tenders for such purchase shall have been advertised for as may be directed by the commissioners and thereafter such money shall be used by said official in calling said bonds for payment according to their terms of redemption.
    Bonds called for payment and paid or purchased shall be marked paid and cancelled.
    Whenever any bonds are so purchased and/or redeemed and cancelled, the taxes thereafter to be extended for payment of interest shall be reduced in the amount of interest that would have thereafter accrued upon such bonds so cancelled, and a resolution shall be adopted by the commissioners finding such facts and a certified copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the county clerk whereupon it shall be the duty of such official to reduce and extend such taxes in accordance therewith.
    The ordinance authorizing said bonds shall prescribe all details thereof and shall provide for the levy and collection of a direct annual tax upon all the taxable property within said Chicago Park District sufficient to pay the interest upon and the principal of said bonds as the same become due, which tax shall be in addition to and exclusive of the maximum of all other taxes authorized to be levied by said park district.
    A copy of the bond ordinance duly certified shall be filed in the office of the County Clerk of Cook County and shall constitute authority for the extension and collection of such bond and interest taxes as required by the constitution.
(Source: P.A. 93-338, eff. 7-24-03.)