(70 ILCS 1505/22) (from Ch. 105, par. 333.22)
    Sec. 22. For the purpose of paying the principal of and interest upon refunding and funding bonds of any superseded park district, the commissioners are authorized to levy and have collected a direct annual tax upon all the taxable property in such superseded park district, in addition to all other taxes authorized by law to be levied and collected for park purposes, sufficient to pay the interest upon said refunding and funding bonds as it falls due and to pay the principal thereof as it matures, and the County Clerk of Cook County upon receiving a certificate from the commissioners that the amount set out in such certificate is necessary to pay the interest on and principal of said refunding and funding bonds, shall assess and extend such amount upon the taxable property embraced in the superseded park district, the bonds and/or floating indebtedness of which are refunded and/or funded, the same as other park taxes are by law assessed and extended, and such taxes shall be collected and paid over in like manner as other park taxes are required by law to be collected and paid.
(Source: Laws 1935, p. 1043.)