(70 ILCS 1280/1) (from Ch. 105, par. 325a)
    Sec. 1. The park commissioners for any park district the boundaries and limits of which extend over the whole of one or more towns within the limits of a city having a population of more than three hundred thousand inhabitants according to the last preceding Federal or State census shall have authority, and such power and authority is hereby delegated to them, to set apart and grant a suitable site within any park under their jurisdiction and control, for the construction and accommodation of a historical museum and library to be open to the general public, whenever any historical society or other civic body or corporation organized for the promotion of historical education, which in the judgment of such park commissioners is financially responsible and able to build and maintain such an institution, submits to such park commissioners plans and pledges showing its ability and willingness to erect and maintain a building suitable and appropriate for such purpose; and the said park commissioners may, before or at the time of the allocation of the land for such purpose, impose such conditions in connection with the privileges granted as in its discretion will insure the completion of the proposed building within a reasonable time and its maintenance at a standard commensurate with and appropriate to the character of the park in which it is to be located.
(Source: Laws Sp.S1928, p. 64.)