(70 ILCS 1255/2) (from Ch. 105, par. 144)
    Sec. 2. That such board of park commissioners or park authorities shall have power to improve such street or streets, or parts thereof, in such manner as they may deem best and as they have or may hereafter have power to improve other streets under their control, and for that purpose they are hereby authorized to pay for the improvement thereof by levying, assessing and collecting a special tax on contiguous property abutting on said street or streets or parts thereof so improved, or a special assessment on property benefited, in the manner in which said board of park commissioners or park authorities are now or may be hereafter empowered by law to levy, assess and collect special taxes on contiguous property or special assessments for benefits in other cases, or to pay therefor by general taxation, or both, but no such special tax or special assessment shall be levied for the maintenance and repair of such improved street, but the same shall be maintained and repaired by said park boards or park authorities as in other cases. And such special taxes or special assessments as are hereby authorized may be divided in to not exceeding ten annual installments, bearing six per cent per annum interest from the date of confirmation thereof by the court until paid, and the same shall be collected and enforced in the same manner as is or may hereafter be provided by law for the collection and enforcement of other special taxes or special assessments for or on account of said park commissioners or park authorities, so far as the same is applicable.
(Source: Laws 1909, p. 297.)