(70 ILCS 1250/3) (from Ch. 105, par. 127)
    Sec. 3. Upon complying with section two of this act, said board shall have power to contract in writing with any person or persons for the construction of such extension of such boulevard or driveway, according to such plan, and under the supervision of said board, and in all cases where any boulevard or driveway is extended under the provisions hereof the submerged lands lying between the shore of such public waters and the inner line of the extension of such boulevard or driveway shall be appropriated by the board of park commissioners to the purpose of defraying the cost of such extension, and to that end such board of park commissioners are authorized to sell and convey such submerged lands in fee simple by deeds duly executed on its behalf by its president and under its corporate seal, and every deed executed in pursuance hereof shall vest a good title in the grantee to the premises intended to be conveyed thereby.
(Source: Laws 1889, p. 212.)